How to consume cold-pressed coconut oil?

2 - 4 Tablespoon every day before breakfast then drink lots of water to lower body temperature. Put coconut oil with coffee, juice and yogurt is adjustable.

How cold-pressed coconut oil lower weight?

Reason is coconut oil contains medium molecule which can quickly digest in body (not accumulate in body). This molecule stimulates metabolism to metabolise calories that we consume. This lead to less fat accumulate in body. Besides, coconut oil increases metabolism to induce heat, higher body temperature to accelerate thoyroid capability and weight reduce is occured.

Why coconut oil convert into solid form?

Coconut Oil composes of 50% saturated fat. According to structure of saturated fat in coconut oil, this make coconut oil convert to white solid form when coconut oil is in 25 degress celsius or lower. Hence, it would not be surprise if we found coconut oil in solid form in department store. When we put coconut oil in room temperature, it would convert back to liquid form without any demages of nutrient. This is strength could inform you that this coconut oil is in high quality.

Shelf life of Coconut Oil

Normally, coconut oil is able to keep within 2 years after the manufacturing date but if the product is still closed, it could be kept untill strong odour of coconut oil is appeared.

What is cold-pressed coconut oil?

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is coconut oil that process through less than 60 degree celsius and non chemical, artificial colour, scent and preservative added.

Which coconut oil brand is good?

To buy coconut oil, it is necessary to focus on many factors; quality certificates such as international organic certificates; USDA, JAS, EU, GMP, HACCP. It is significant for coconut oil to have good scent of coconut oil.

Consume coconut oil while pregnant

Coconut oil contains high lauric acid which is the same type of fatty acid in mother's milk. When consume, it will convert to monolauic acid that can kill bacteria, yeast, mold, virus, protozoa and etc. Moreover, coconut oil can reduce stretch marks as well.